5 Common Vacation-Related Personal Injuries

Vacations are meant to be times for relaxation and enjoyment. While most getaways are perfectly pleasant experiences from start to finish, there are times when a personal injury occurs when at the beach, while walking around and exploring the sights, or at a popular theme park. Even if such injuries are minor, lingering aches and pains can affect quality of life.

1. Vehicle Collisions

Because of the extra drivers on the road from July through September, there is a greater risk of vehicle collisions during typical vacation months. Drivers unfamiliar with rental vehicles, fatigue, and driver distractions are among the factors that may contribute to injuries such as whiplash and spine-related discomfort.

2. Water Sports Injuries

Getting regular land-based exercise during the off-season is one way to prevent some of the injuries commonly associated with water sports often enjoyed when on vacation near rivers, lakes, or oceans. It’s also possible for cuts, strains and sprains, and orthopedic injuries to occur from other jet-boarders or water-skiers not paying attention or allowing enough space while on the water for others to safely enjoy some playtime.

3. Amusement Park/Carnival Injuries

There’s no doubt that rides at amusement parks, state fairs, and carnivals can create some lasting vacation memories. Such rides can also be a source of personal injuries if they haven’t been properly inspected, or if workers fail to enforce safety guidelines. Possible injuries can range from minor cuts and bruises to the loss of limbs and disfigurement.

4. Pedestrian/Biking Accidents

Aggressive, inattentive, or distracted drivers sometimes contribute to pedestrian accidents when sidewalks are peppered with an influx of vacationers checking out local shops and restaurants. Similar circumstances can play a role in biking accidents involving adventurous travelers looking to explore new surroundings and landscapes. The Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute notes that more than 80 percent of serious head injuries may be prevented by wearing a helmet.

5. Dog Attacks

Even dogs normally well-behaved may become aggressive when around unfamiliar vacationers. Affecting nearly 5 million Americans each year, dog bite injuries sometimes occur when joggers, runners, casual passersby, or active children unintentionally trigger attacks by dogs.

It’s important to be mindful of clear risks and take reasonable precautions while on vacation. Even if you and your loved ones are generally cautious while away from home, it’s possible to sustain any of the injuries discussed here because of another party’s negligence or oversights. If this is the case, a personal injury lawyer may be able to pursue appropriate actions to recover expenses for medical care and pain and suffering.


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