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Even before you are released from the hospital after sustaining an injury due to someone else’s negligence, you may be find yourself bombarded by paperwork or fielding questions from medical professionals or law enforcement officials.

You may even have insurance providers looking to have you sign documents. If you’re looking to retain your peace of mind as you recover, consider hiring a personal injury lawyer in Orange County. Here are five reasons why this can be a smart step.

1. Getting an Honest Assessment of Your Case

personal injury lawyer in Orange County has a pretty good idea of what constitutes a valid claim and what does not. For instance, if you sustain a dog bite, you may be asked about the specifics of the situation to determine if the animal’s owner could be considered negligent. An attorney is also able to be objective about your case, which may help you avoid making decisions based on the emotions associated with the incident.

2. Having Fewer Paperwork Headaches

There’s a lot of paperwork that needs to be completed and submitted when pursuing a personal injury claim. Such documents often include confusing medical terms and legal jargon that may not be easy to figure out. A personal injury lawyer in Orange County can sort through the maze of paperwork that’s required to get the ball rolling with your case.


3. Gaining Access to Additional Resources

Not all personal injury cases involve circumstances that are easy to prove without compelling evidence. With a product liability case that resulted in injuries, for example, a personal injury lawyer in Orange County may consult with an investigator to determine if a manufacturer may have known about existing defects. A thorough investigation could also identify other responsible parties and evidence of negligence.

4. Offering Trial Alternatives

Lengthy and complicated trials don’t always produce the best results. In some cases, the matter may not even be fully resolved. In order to avoid the potential pitfalls of a trial, an Orange County personal injury lawyer may suggest alternatives. Common options include mediation and arbitration. If medication is successful, for example, you may win on key points that are important to you while also securing reasonable compensation for your injuries.


5. Dealing with Insurance Companies

It’s not unusual for insurance companies to make an attempt to settle a personal injury case as quickly as possible. The potential problem with doing this is that you may unintentionally sign away your legal options. A personal injury attorney knows how to review insurance documents and spot any language that may limit your ability to pursue your case further.

Also, because most personal injury cases are settled outside of court, a personal injury lawyer in Orange County can ensure that you’ll get a deal that’s fair to you. Finally, an attorney can put together a compelling case if there is a need to resolve the matter in court with the responsible parties. You also won’t have to worry about the risks associated with self-representation, especially if you are hoping to secure funds to help cover your medical costs.


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