Personal Injury lawyer in Orange County

Personal injuries often happen suddenly and expectantly.

personal injury lawyer in Orange County may get involved if an injury of this type is the result of someone else’s negligence. There are many different situations that can result in injuries that could contribute to long-term damage to bones, joints, and other structures. Below are some of the most common ones.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

The most common causes of personal injuries in the United States, auto/motor vehicle accidents often occur when another driver isn’t paying attention behind the wheel. A common culprit today is device use or other driver distractions. A personal injury lawyer in Orange County may also pursue legal action against other negligent parties responsible for an accident, such as a vehicle’s manufacturer.

Medical Malpractice

If unintended harm was done because a reasonable standard of care wasn’t maintained when a health-related condition was treated, a personal injury lawyer in Orange County may recommend considering legal action. For instance, if a doctor failed to take proper precautions during surgery and the result was severe pain and a much longer recovery period, the surgeon may be held legally responsible for the way the outcome affected the patient. Personal injuries of this nature may also involve:

  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis
  • Prescribing the wrong medication
  • Leaving surgical tools inside a patient
  • Treating the wrong condition

Slip and Fall Accidents

More than a million people are sent to hospitals each year in the U.S. because of slips or falls. A fall injury alone could result in related expenses of $30,000 or more. Both residential and commercial property owners – and in some cases renters and business owners – have a legal duty to keep publicly accessible spaces safe and free of potential hazards. Negligence related to a slip and fall accident could involve failing to wipe up spills, not shoveling snow, or failing to post signs warning of damaged or wet surfaces.

Defective Product Personal Injuries

personal injury lawyer in Orange County may get involved with a defective product case if a manufacturer’s flaws result in severe injuries. Manufacturers may also be held legally responsible if they provided unclear directions or failed to recall a product they knew was defective.

Animal and Dog Bites

In most states, a dog’s owner is responsible for negligent acts that contribute to a dog bite. Some states have a “one bite rule” that provides some leeway for animal owners. However, California is a strict liability state, meaning a pet’s owner is legally responsible for any bites that occur because of negligence. If other animals bite, a personal injury lawyer may determine whether or not the animal involved was legally allowed to be kept as a pet. Under certain circumstances, zoos, petting farms, and similar facilities could also be considered responsible parties.

Because every situation is different, a personal injury lawyer in Orange County often has a different approach to handling each case. If negligence is successfully proven, an injured party may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, post-surgery rehabilitation, lost wages, and other expenses and financial losses directly related to the injured individual’s injuries.


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