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Individuals and families who have been injured or lost a loved one as a consequence of a public transportation accident in Costa Mesa can turn to Oracle Law Firm in Costa Mesa for help.

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Transits Accident Lawyer

When a Personal Injury Case Becomes a Mass Transit Lawsuit

A case involving public transit will be handled differently from a case involving a personal vehicle or a workers’ compensation claim. Public transportation that is deemed safe is referred to as mass transit. Airplanes, buses, taxis, and trains are all examples of this. If the accident was caused by an employee’s negligence, the firm that owns the transportation could be held accountable for any damages suffered by the affected parties. These cases can quickly become tricky. The corporation is only liable if negligence is shown, such as when the operator was under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. The corporation can potentially be held responsible for a mechanical failure.

Natural disasters or weather-related incidents, on the other hand, may be considered an act of God and hence not be eligible for compensation. A mass transport accident lawyer will examine the details of the situation to see if you have a case against the firm.

When it comes to transportation accidents, a qualified attorney can assist you in navigating the situation and pursuing a claim on your behalf.

Skilled Representation For Accident Victims

Our Costa Mesa Oracle Law Firm Attorney is committed to pursuing effective and aggressive legal action on behalf of personal injury victims and their families. Our firm has focused on one thing since its inception: doing the right thing for people. Doing the right thing for us involves defending injury victims in court. It also entails sticking by their sides until the situation is settled in their favor.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Property Damage rights entitle you to have your car repaired to its condition prior to the accident. Or instead, you can receive fair market value for your vehicle. It is the responsibility of the opposing insurance company to do this.

If your car is not blocking traffic, leave it where it is. If you have to move it, try to take a photo of it, along with where the other driver’s vehicle ended up. Showing the positioning of the vehicles, as well as any skids marks or traffic signs, can be helpful when it comes to proving what happened in the accident and who is at fault.

California law dictates that all accidents must be reported to the police. Police presence is incredibly useful following a crash, as they will come to the scene and obtain insurance information from yourself and the other driver by writing a police report known as a “Driver’s Exchange of Information.” This accident scene report is crucial in recovering the information needed to build a personal injury case.

No, not until you’ve had your vehicle inspected. Even if you only spot a few scratches, you should still have your vehicle inspected by an auto repair mechanic prior to driving the vehicle as you normally would.

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Injuries to the body, mind, or emotions, as opposed to property damage. If someone else caused your accident and your injuries, however, you may be entitled to money for medical care, lost earnings, emotional trauma, and possibly much more depending on the specific case.






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What to Do After an Injury in Orange County, California?

Seek medical attention immediately:No matter how small your injuries appear to be, you must seek medical attention immediately after an accident.

Compile evidence from your accident: In an animal attack or an automobile accident, you want to get as much information as possible from the dog owner or the person who hit you.

Contact an Orange County attorney: Managing an accident claim alone is a nightmare.   Trust the experts for your claim. Our legal staff will prepare a solid case and handle all filing and negotiations.

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